ABID Biotreibstoffe GmbH is ISO 9001, RedCert EU and RedCert DE certified and fulfills the criteria of the sustainability regulation.



ADIB stands for

 Sustainable production of biofuels:
EN 14214 biodiesel (RME, FAME) and glycerine phase
 Highest quality standards
 Market leader & cost leader
 State-of-the-art multi-feed plant technology
 High level of flexibility and efficiency
 Represented on the Central European, West European, East European and South-east European markets
 Ecologically and economically efficient mobility
 Partnerships with industry, research and development, politics and consumers




Reliable deliveries for road or rail

ABID’s strength is also reflected in our reliable production and delivery: every month, we produce some 4200 tonnes of biodiesel – in other words, approximately 150 tonnes each day. We boast our own storage capacity for around 3400 tonnes of biodiesel and approximately 26,000 tonnes of plant oils.


Wide-spread delivery contacts ensure we are consistently able to fulfil all delivery contracts. A maintenance management system guarantees the availability of our production site.


We also boast our own rail connection, enabling us to fill and empty not only tankers but also rail tank waggons. We can process an entire train with around 1000 tonnes in just two days. Keeping your fuel supply mobile.







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Infos zu Biodiesel EN14214

ABID biofuel

Biofuel reduces soot emissions by up to 50% and is free of sulphur

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